Christofer Seafood Restaurant

An epic journey of tastes, in a historic location

Christofer Seafood Restaurant

At Thessaloniki's New Seafront, inside the Sailing Club

Christofer Seafood Restaurant

Christofer Seafood Restaurant

All Fress Seafood & Open Sea Fish


The color of the sun and the sea breeze combine over the historic location of Thessaloniki’s Sailing Club. Right there, Christofer Seafood Restaurant awaits you in a luxurious and redecorated environment, in order to change your daily routine offering authentic dishes of all fresh seafood and fish along with selected appetizers accompanied by fine wines and spirits.

Christofer Seafood Restaurant - Location

Historic Location

In one of the most historic locations of the city, right inside Thessaloniki’s Sailing Club, Christofer Seafood Restaurant, welcomes you in a luxurious and friendly environment and promises a unique journey of tastes!

Christofer Seafood Restaurant - All Fresh Seafood

All Fresh Seafood

Selected dishes of seafood and all fresh peanut fish await you daily in Christofer Seafood Restaurant. Please try our amazing shrimp pasta, the fish soup, the cuttlefish in wine, the grilled squids, the tri-color octopus along with the special Christofer salad. Our restaurant has a huge selection of wine labels, special menu for kids and a playground as well.

Christofer Seafood Restaurant - Easy Access

Easy Access

Forget all the trouble when trying to find somewhere to park your car downtown. Our store has a lot of parking space.

The Restaurant

They wrote about us  With special emphasis on the excellent quality of the ingredients, various starters, salads and mainly fish and seafood dishes are prepared, including, among many other choices, the shrimp spaghetti, the fish soup and the Christofer salad!